Seefeel Returns After Fourteen Years With New EP “Faults”

    Warp records artists Seefeel were an innovative London based group that made a vast leap from their origins as hazy shoegazers to highly respected ambient electronica musicians. The band hasn’t released any new material in 14 years, but is planning on making a comeback with a 10-inch EP titled Faults, which is due on Warp on Sept. 20.


    The shift back to being a band again occurred last year, when the group reconvened with new members Shigeru Ishihara and former Boredoms drummer E-da for a show at Warp20 in Paris. “We always said that we wouldn’t record a new Seefeel record unless we could present something that we felt was new,” said guitarist Mark Clifford. It seems that time is now.


    The new look Seefeel will play a show at the ICA in London on Sept. 16 to commemorate the release of the EP, which contains four tracks and can be preordered from the Bleep store. The lead track “Faults” can be previewed in the Soundcloud clip below.


    Seefeel – Faults by Warp Records