See The Ramones First Ever One-Sheet

    A quick music industry lesson for those not involved in the business. A “one-sheet” is a description of a band or an album sent out usually by a publicist or label in hopes that you will find the band interesting and intriguing enough to listen to them and give them some press.

    Now that we got that out of the way, check this out: The Ramones first ever one-sheet has been unearthed. Credited to Tome Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone of Loudmouth Productions, the one-sheet in wonderful typewriter font, makes it immediately clear that The Ramones are not, “a oldies group, glitter group” and that they “don’t play boogie music and they don’t play blues.” That is for sure.

    The one sheet goes on to describe each of the members with punk abandonment and to explain that they grew up together to become “musicians, degenerates and dentists.” What?

    See the entire letter below and be sure to also check out the blue scrawl describing the name of the band. Amazing. [The Daily Swarm]