See ‘Reservoir Dogs’ And Pulp Fiction In Theaters This December

    So you fancy yourself a Quentin Tarantino fan. You own a Blu-Ray of all of his films, and you can quote them endlessly — whether your friends and family want to hear “Royale with cheese” again or not. However, there’s probably one very important part of your fandom missing — the experiencing of seeing his movies in the theater. 

    Of course, you might be an older film buff who claims to have been into Tarantino years before he was the icon he is today. Good for you. However, if you got to see Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction in the cinema, you know how much better it can be on the big screen. 

    No matter what your experience with these classic ’90s movies has been, you’ll want to take note of an important event going on at the end of the year. Theaters across the country will be showing Tarantino’s first two movies in less than two months, according to IndieWire. You can catch his magnificent debut, Reservoir Dogs, on Dec. 4, and you’ll be able to take in the masterpiece Pulp Fiction in all its glory on Dec. 6.

    Best of all, these screenings are intended to celebrate the release of Tarantino XX, a box set of every movie by the famed director. The screenings will be preceded by trailers handpicked by Tarantino himself and help explain some of the pictures that inspired the legendary filmmaker. Watch the trailers for these two films below to remind yourself of their greatness before you buy a ticket via Fathom Events