See Photos Of Don And Megan Draper On The Beach In ‘Mad Men’ Season 6

    Mad Men has certainly gone through some twists and turns during its five seasons on the air. Anyone who caught the first few episodes and thought it was just some period piece could be forgiven for making that mistake. However, that doesn’t really do justice to a show that’s as much about the changes in America over the past half-century and the way society has grown from something simple and patriarchal to a culture that’s more fluid and flexible. 

    Nowhere is that clearer than in the case of Don and Megan Draper. If you’ve been keeping up with the plot of the show, you know that [spoiler alert!] Don has remarried to a former secretary in his office. The new Mrs. Draper is interested in acting, and Don is doing all he can to ensure she lives that life. However, it’s still unclear whether or not Don is going to be able to stay faithful to Megan. 

    Vulture has some new photos that have been released of scenes from the upcoming season six. They show the Drapers in seemingly wedded bliss, on the beach in Hawaii, soaking up some rays. If nothing else, check them out to see what an attractive couple Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré make — and how even outrageous 1960s swimsuit fashions can’t take away from that.