Watch Daniel Day-Lewis Get Fired Up In ‘Lincoln’ Trailer

    Historical dramas can be tricky to pull off since they run the risk of changing people’s perceptions of events and characters from the past. That’s why Steven Spielberg has probably been told to tread a very fine line when it comes to his forthcoming biopic Lincoln. 

    Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as if he’s been taking that advice. 

    Prior trailers for the historical epic have shown a rather quiet and dour Lincoln. The 16th president has never been considered a firebrand, but it appears that Spielberg will be showing the Great Emancipator at his most anxious and angry. That’s a good thing, because it makes the character and the conflict that he represents that much more powerful. 

    If you don’t believe me, check out the latest TV spot below (via IndieWire), which aired during the debate last night. It offers a glimpse of the struggle Lincoln went through during the Civil War, even with the men who were supposed to be his closest allies. Thankfully, those allies (Thaddeus Stevens and William Seward) are played by phenomenal actors (Tommy Lee Jones and David Strathairn), giving Daniel Day-Lewis the perfect foils to act with.