See Conan O’Brien Review ‘Just Dance 4’

    Conan O’Brien will be the first to admit that he’s the last person who should be reviewing video games. He doesn’t play them, he doesn’t like them and he doesn’t know anything about them. It’s only natural, then, that he’d choose to create a segment for his show called ‘The Clueless Gamer.’

    Knowing nothing about video games can actually be a good thing, but in the video below (via TBS), O’Brien gets a double-whammy when he decides to review the upcoming release Just Dance 4. In addition to being clueless about gaming, he’s also not the best dancer in the world (his pre-monologue routine notwithstanding). 

    Fortunately, he’s got some help with this Kinect-powered dancing game thanks to Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan. Watch below as O’Brien struggles to keep up, win the game and sing along to ‘Call Me Maybe.’