Second Fatality in Madonna Set Collapse Tragedy


    The set collapse during preparations for a Madonna show in Marseilles has already caused one fatality. Madonna issued a statement yesterday (July 16) saying she was “devastated” about the event, and now another person has lost their life as a result of the disaster. The unnamed man is a 32 year-old British guy who was taken to an intensive care ward.


    The roof at the Velodrome stadium collapsed and has reportedly caused 30 people to be injured. Eight people are thought to have been seriously hurt. The other fatality was a 53 year-old French man, who was among the 50 workers helping to construct the stage for the show.


    The concert has now been canceled, and Marseilles councilor Maurice Di Nocera said the roof at the venue “started shaking and collapsing” slowly during the incident. It’s not yet clear how or why the roof caved in, although fire fighters at the scene said that it became “unbalanced” during construction of the stage.