Season Six Of ‘Mad Men’ Will Partially Be Filmed In Hawaii

    If there’s one thing that all fans of Mad Men can agree on, it’s that the program has an incredible style that makes whatever the characters are doing seem glamorous and beautiful. The sumptuous sets, the amazing wardrobes (plaid blazers notwithstanding) and the period-appropriate technology help whisk viewers back to a time that seemed simpler but was actually pretty complicated. 

    That’s why it’s no surprise that, according to Vulture, the upcoming sixth season of the program will find at least some of the characters in Hawaii. This is a great choice, no matter what happens plot-wise, if for no other reason than that it gives the show the chance to show even more ’60s glitz. Pan-Am flights with short-skirted stewardesses, smoking on planes and plenty of beachside cocktails play into the whole Mad Men aesthetic very well. 

    The temptations Don Draper will surely experience in Hawaii also play into it. He may be newly married to a younger woman, but that doesn’t mean his wandering eye isn’t going to be tethered exclusively to the new Mrs. Draper. Get excited for more bourbon-soaked adventures of a powerful ad-man who may not be comfortable on the top of the world.