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Season 2 Of Electric Independence Begins Today With Matmos Feature

Inside the heart of every electronic music fan is a gizmos & gadgets nerd. And so, for the gearhead within, there's Electric Independence, Vice technology blog Motherboard's insight into the neurotic minutia of electronic music.


Electric Independence's first season brought us the extraordinary bleeps and bloops of various acts, from the emerging (Xeno & Oaklander, XXXChange) to the established (RJD2, Chromeo) to the legendary (Devo, Vince Clarke of pretty much every '80s thing that mattered). The second season's debut, fresh on Motherboard today, is just as captivating -- credit to the loopy post-electronics of duo Matmos, who have host Jordan Redaelli lying on the ground, ping pong balls covering his eyes, listening to white noise and feeding off "telepathic energy." It's a mind trip, to say the least.


With the rest of the second season spotlighting such influential acts as Ulrich Schnauss, Ultravox Mk. I and Metamatic man John Foxx, and the Human League's Phil Oakey, there's sure to be a whole lot of transcendental, technological nerd-dom in the future.


Full Electric Independence: Season 2 air dates below.


02.15 Matmos
02.22 Morton Subotnick
03.01 Emeralds
03.08 Phil Oakey
03.15 Ulrich Schnauss

03.22 Carter Tutti

03.29 Ceephax Acid Crew

04.05 John Foxx

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John Foxx
The Human League
Ulrich Schnauss

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