Sean Price Solicits Babysitting Advice on Twitter — Hilarity Ensues

    Working in new/digital media, I’ve learned the golden rule:

    • Lists

    So credit game when credit is due. Complex collected a list of the five worst pieces of parenting advice Sean Price received after announcing on Twitter he would be caring for his daughter by himself for five days.


    While it’s easy to imagine the chuckle-worthy moments before reading the list, keep in mind Price deserves credit for sounding the alarm over such a situation. Single parenthood is hard. And also consider blog-rap-du-jour Tyler, The Creator got press around the same time (also in Complex) for this not-so-endearing twat/tweet/s–t:


    “Teenage Pregnancy Is Funny As Fuck To Me, Cus 9/10 They Fuck They Life Up HAHA. No More Fun For You, Lil Tyrone Shitted On Himself hahahaha.”


    All proof that Twitter has some issues with, uh, quality control.

    Here’s the list of responses to Price:

    • “DVR as much Dora & Diego & Backyardagins [Sic.] as possible.”
    • “teach them how to set up “home alone” booby traps around the house lmfao”
    • “P! Got 1 year old so here’s The deal: get off twitter ’till wifey’s back 🙂 stay with The spoon and hook up wit a cleaninglady”
    • “play Justin Bieber all day everyday.”
    • “also, don’t put your daughter onto #Mixxie (best advice I can think of, no kids yet)”

    Hit up Complex for the list with full commentary here. For my two penny:

    • I won’t front on Backyardigans because Evan Lurie (you may know his brother) is giving it one of the better kids’ soundtracks.
    • I find it funny that that user called it “BackyardAGINS.” Aggin on the brain?
    • I’m kinda glad I didn’t know about Mixxie. Whoops.