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Sean Penn raises awareness at Coachella

So what was Sean Penn doing nestling between Gogol Bordello and My Morning Jacket on the main stage at Coachella on Sunday evening? Speculation on the festival message boards suspected an Eddie Vedder solo set thanks to the Pearl Jam singer’s soundtrack for Into the Wild. Instead, the audience was treated to an expletive-riddled speech from Penn that began as a plea for the Coachella crowd to vote in the forthcoming elections and then turned into an announcement for the actor/director’s Dirty Hands Caravan trip.

Now what, you are no doubt thinking, is a Dirty Hands Caravan trip? Well, in between saying the word “fuck” a lot (and I mean a lot. Check out the following You Tube clip for proof) Penn explained that Dirty Hands is a biodiesel bus trip traveling from the Coachella site to New Orleans, raising awareness about political and environmental issues along the way. A worthy cause, no doubt, and here is a link to the Dirty Hands website. Although the festivalgoer asked for his thoughts at the end of the You Tube clip seems to have a different opinion: “Sean Penn’s fucked up, man!”

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Sean Penn

What a clown.


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