Sean Combs Settles Shooting Case From 1999

    Remember when Sean Combs went by Puff Daddy? Or when he and Jennifer Lopez were the hottest couple in music? If that’s not enough, remember his one-time protégé Shyne? If your memory is a bit fuzzy, that’s fine, because after all, that’s so 1999.

    However, what happened on Dec. 28 of that year changed all three of their lives. Combs and Shyne were arrested for a nightclub shooting at Club New York in New York City and Shyne eventually went to jail for his role.

    Yesterday, the New York Post reports that Combs paid $850,000 to settle claims from the three victims of that shooting. Though all of the participants and victims lives are forever changed, at least now they can put the past behind them and move on with their lives.