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Sean and Julian Lennon rumors unfounded

Sean and Julian Lennon rumors unfounded

You know, we were almost rooting for Fox News on this one. When they broke the story of half-brothers Sean and Julian Lennon's impending duet performance at a U.N. event, we desperately wanted it to be true, as much for the formerly estranged siblings as for us. Alas, it was not to be. After a few brief, bright moments of hope, however, the truth came crashing harshly down upon our fanciful notions, in the form of a posting on elder brother Julian's MySpace blog.


"Hi Folks," he began, under the headline Fox News - Usual Bull,  "sorry to say, but the news today about Sean & I playing together at the UN Awards, came directly out of Roger Friedman's Ass! DO they ever tell the truth at FOX?" A similar denial is expected later in the day regarding Fox's reports of a possible Sonny & Cher reunion and a pre-halftime-show dance number featuring Bruce Springsteen and Rush Limbaugh.


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Julian Lennon
Sean Lennon

UGH! And I was getting so excited to hear them harmonize on Too Late for Goodbye.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kali/Jumble 030_2.jpg Kali

oh now julian don't have myspace .
its only jules someone that to behand him
befor a think its whas true julian
but he don't now me at all and a now the real julian .
greats miss D. xxx

miss D.

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