The Sea and Cake set date for new LP

    The Sea and Cake, the undisputable indie staple and post-rock supergroup, including Sam Prekop (guitar, vocals), Archer Prewitt (guitar), John McEntire (drums) and Erik Claridge (bass), are set to return with their first album in 4 years. Thrill Jockey will be releasing their 7th album, titled Everybody, on May 8th. No word on a tour yet, but I bet we’ll see these four fellas hit the road soon, and hopefully at some summer festivals. Here’s hoping.
    1. Up on Crutches
    2. Too Strong
    3. Crossing Line
    4. Middlenight
    5. Coconut
    6. Exact to Me
    7. Lightning
    8. Introducing
    9. Left On