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Scott Walker and Yeasayer guest on Bat for Lashes <i>Two Suns</i>

Two Suns, the follow-up to Bat for Lashes' Mercury Music Prize nominated debut album Fur & Gold, is set for release April 6 and will feature guest appearances by  two very different luminaries of the music world.


Living legend Scott Walker turns up on the album's closer "The Big Sleep" while Brooklyn's Yeasayer contribute to a number of tracks on the forthcoming album, on which Natasha Khan follows Beyonce's Sasha Fierce example. As the press release explains, Two Suns sees Khan "envisioning herself as two separate yet ultimately attached beings," her mystical, spiritual self and her femme fatale alter-ego Pearl. Hmmm. All cynicism is being set to one side...for the moment.


Track list:


1.  Glass
2.  Sleep Alone
3.  Moon and Moon
4.  Daniel
5.  Peace of Mind
6.  Siren Song
7.  Pearl’s Dream
8.  Good Love
9.  Two Planets
10.  Traveling Woman
11.  The Big Sleep

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Bat for Lashes
Scott Walker

The music press can't resist being cynical, can it?(ref last comment in intro). The album should be seen as a story, but if it does reflect an aspect of her life, so what? The one thing the US has over the UK, its lack of cynicism around every corner. This is also a criticism of the US but it's
a nice one in this case.

Jim Edwards

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