Scott Kannberg Talks About Pavement Reunion

    Pavement’s Scott Kannberg had been the most vocal advocate for a reunion of the band in recent years, and he is also the first to speak out about their forthcoming shows. The band will play in Central Park in September 2010, with other dates set to follow. Kannberg claims the reunion occurred after a simple phone conversation between himself and Stephen Malkmus.


    “Steve and I just had a conversation on the phone, and we’d never talked about it before at all,” he said. “We’ve talked over the years, but the subject never came up. Then our agent asked us about these New York shows, so we went around to everybody in the band, and they said, ‘Yeah, the time is right. If everybody’s ready to do it, then we’ll do it and see what happens’. There was no real impetus – it just kind of happened naturally.”


    The band members have yet to rehearse, and aren’t likely to get together until 2010. “We’ll do some rehearsing in the new year,” Kannberg said. “The Central Park shows, we’ll probably end up doing one or two of those. There’s festivals and stuff that we’re talking to, like Coachella. After that, anything that happens in the future is in the future.” Staunch fans of eccentric former drummer Gary Young may also be in luck: “Eventually it might be fun to do something with Gary at some point as well,” he said. “We love Gary.”


    Kannberg also claimed the reunion won’t be similar to certain other bands. “It’s not gonna be like Echo and the Bunnymen, where they don’t talk to each other, yet they tour every year,” he said. “I don’t think we’ll be that way. We’re not still trying to flog a record or anything. It’ll probably feel like we’re just starting again. It’ll be fun to play these songs.” Speculation that the band will curate ATP, either in the U.S. or the U.K., is also mounting, and the band is set to be in great demand next year.


    [via Rolling Stone]