Scorsese Wants Al Pacino As Frank Sinatra, Robert De Niro As Dean Martin

    Martin Scorsese had military ships firing cannon balls into Midtown, Manhattan in Gangs of New York. With this sort of devotion to historicial accuracy, maybe we’ll watch Sinatra and Dean Martin engaged in a bloody shootout ala Heat.


    Scorsese told Indian newspaper The Hindu that the script for his upcoming Sinatra is “ready to go,” and Al Pacino is his first choice for portraying Ol’ Blue Eyes on the silver screen. Though Pacino and De Niro aren’t particularly known for their vocal abilities, they are known for playing Italian-Americans with mafia connections, so the casting choice doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for either actor.


    The film is currently without any sort of release date, and it would mark Scorsese’s first collaboration with Pacino and tenth with De Niro. We’ve seen De Niro to put on a post-coital one-man musical, so it’s time to hope Pacino can do the same.