Scorsese Plus Sinatra Equals Biopic Heaven

    There have been rumblings going on for a while now about an upcoming Frank Sinatra biopic in the works, one that’s fully sanctioned and quality-controlled by the Sinatra camp. Now it can be told — the ideal director has officially signed on for the project. Step right up, Mr. Cronenberg! No, just kidding. In fact Martin Scorsese, whose name has been floating around in connection to this proposed film for some time now, will be the one with the clipboard and ballcap pacing around the set yelling “Give me more swing!”


    Universal Pictures is set to produce the flick, and Phil Alden Robinson, best known for writing Field of Dreams, is the screenwriter of choice. Frank’s daughter Tina Sinatra personally expressed enthusiasm for the man behind Mean Streets and Goodfellas helming her father’s cinematic story, saying “My father had great admiration for the talent of the people he chose to work with…it is personally pleasing to me that this paradigm continues with Marty Scorsese…” No names seem to have been floated so far to play the lead role, nor is there any confirmation of rumors that the casting director currently has a 100-yards-away-at-all times restraining order on Harry Connick, Jr.