SCHWAG GIVEAWAY: Division Day in L.A.!!!

    Division Day @ Spaceland, 2/9

    We’ve got a poster, t-shirt and a copy of Division Day’s Beartrap Island for one lucky Prefix reader! Visit this link by 5pm on February 11th if you wanna walk away with the loot.
    Division Day”’s debut full-length Beartrap Island is just four guys, writing smart indie rock songs that they believe in enough to let them speak for themselves. The band”’s music is cut from the same faded denim cloth as the rest of the L.A. indie bands associated with The Ship collective (Earlimart, Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf), but Division Day isn”’t afraid of upsetting the pretty textures with a little clattering noise now and again…(ER)
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