ScHoolboy Q And Jay Rock Dismiss Black Hippy Album For Now

    2012 has been a busy year for the members of Black Hippy. Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock have had their own individual success, but are dismissive of the idea of a collaboration album.

    In an interview with, Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q gave more insight to the group’s thinking.

    “It won’t. I don’t know man…I don’t think it’ll ever be a Black Hippy album,” Jay Rock said, pretty much throwing water on the idea.

    ScHoolboy Q agreed with him though to a certain extent.

    “It’s not,” he said. “Like why [do] nigga’s want a Black Hippy album? It’s so corny. Why you want the hardest nigga’s to do an album? Why we can’t just do our own shit? Why ya’ll want all of us to do it? It’ll never come out right. When the hardest nigga’s always get together it never come out right. That’s how I feel. We the hardest nigga’s, but I just don’t feel it’ll come out right. At least right now.”

    That should give fans hope for the future, but in the interim, enjoy their one-off collaborations.