The votes are in: Scarlett Johannson’s album is pretty bad

    In a development that really shouldn’t have surprised anyone, Scarlett Johansson’s album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, has turned into something of a critical disappointment.


    She’s currently sitting on a paltry 58 Metacritic score, with most critics deriding here pitch problem-prone vocals and placing a lot of the blame on producer Dave Sitek (he of TV on the Radio fame) for burying her vocals way down in the mix.

    Except for a rave review from the NME that claims the album will end up on best-of-year lists, most reviews have panned the album as nothing more than a vanity project.   


    That’s probably no worry to Johansson however, because her latest flick Vicky Cristina Barcelona (directed by Woody Allen and co-starring No Country for Old Men’s Javier Bardem) is getting good reviews at Cannes after premiering last Saturday.


    She should take solace in the fact that nothing on her album is as embarrassing as “My Girl Likes to Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy. Although A Rick James cameo could have put her album over the top.