‘Saw’ Director James Wan Is Going To Direct A ‘MacGyver’ Movie

    Conventional Hollywood wisdom once held that you had to keep within a certain genre if you wanted to be a successful filmmaker. Unless you’d cut your teeth as a commercial or music video director, you pretty much got pigeon-holed into comedy, drama or action by your first picture. 

    However, making movies is a much more fluid process these days, and producers have found that some directors can have success by crossing over from one wheelhouse to another. For example, Sam Mendes recently transitioned from making emotional analyses of suburban America to the taut action thriller that is Skyfall. The rave reviews and high box office ranking it’s received have justified the use of an unconventional filmmaker to bring James Bond through his latest adventure. 

    That sort of thinking must be on the minds of producers who are in charge of making a film adaptation of MacGyver. According to /Film, that property is being entrusted with James Wan. The director notably made his debut with Saw, the low-budget psychological horror movie that spawned an enormously successful franchise and gave new meaning to the phrase ‘body horror.’ Wan might not seem like the best candidate for a goofy action movie about a guy who can make complex devices from simple junk on the fly, but then again, no one really knows what kind of movie MacGyver will be.