Satanic Metal Band Goes Gold In Sweden


    Sweden is basically the craziest place on Earth. Its only exports are hot blonde chicks who get cheated on by their golfer husbands and metal bands who like Satan*. And it’s winter for something like 14 months a year up there. Just the craziest. 


    To prove this tenuous point I have made for the purpose of making really stale jokes about Sweden*, a black metal band called Watain have gone gold in Sweden, selling more than 10,000 copies of their Reaping Death in two weeks. Above is a video of Watain in action. They claim they view their gold disc as “a trophy of a successful hunt” of your children’s souls. Tough day to be your kid, I guess. [Daily Swarm]


    *- I refuse to mention their total fucking-up of the meatball, and that one Muppet who is Swedish. Fozzie Bear.