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Satan, David Lynch Responsible For Miley Cyrus' Behavior According To Her Father

Satan, David Lynch Responsible For Miley Cyrus' Behavior According To Her Father

As part of a publicity tour for his new album for Walt Disney Records,  I'm American, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus sat down with GQ to discuss, among other things, his daughter Miley's downward spiral.


The man who revealed his "Achy Breaky Heart" to a nation almost two decades ago still doesn't hide his emotions, saying that his family's casting on the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana "destroyed my family."


As a transcription of the interview on New York Magazine's website shows, Billy Ray believes that his role in David Lynch's psychological thriller Mulholland Drive gave him the courage to star in the short-lived medical drama Doc, which featured a young Miley Cyrus in her acting role. Asked if the Atheists United adoption of a highway near Disney Studios has anything to do with his family's trouble, Cyrus responded that the Adopt-a-Highway sign could have easily said, "You will now be attacked by Satan." Yes, he believes his family is currently under the control of Lucifer, for the record.


In conclusion, David Lynch, under the influence of Satan, is to blame for the "Salvia Bong-Rip Seen 'Round the World." The Lynch/Satan duo could also have something to do Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson and pretty much every celebrity to ever appear on VH1's The Surreal Life.


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