Santos Party House Closed ‘Till Further Notice

    New York City’s Santos Party House was shut down last night for drug activity, at least if the signs posted on its façade are to be believed. For those who don’t live in NYC, Santos Party House is a Chinatown-based venue that’s owned, in part, by Andrew W.K., and features DJ nights, regular themed weekly parties, shows and performances. People who showed up at the space last night expecting Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary party were redirected to nearby BLVD, and met with an NYPD notice stating the venue was closed due to:


    “Criminal sale or possession of controlled substances, marihuana, or for any other violation of Articles 220 and/or 221 of New York State Penal Law.”


    Coco66 was shut down briefly last week, so maybe we’re in the midst of one of those periods that happen a couple of times a year when New York City nightlife is under intense scrutiny. This, too, shall pass. Anyway, this will probably affect upcoming shows, so double check before you head out tonight to Santos’s regular Friday DJ party, titled, ironically, ReOPENed. [Village Voice]