Santigold Working with Pharrell Williams on New Album

    Santigold is currently embroiled in a battle between her record label and mixtape/mashup artist Terry Urban. But she is also working on the follow up to her debut album, which is set to feature a contribution from Pharrell Williams. Work has already started on the record, although she doesn’t expect to head into the recording studio until August.

    Spank Rock, Diplo and Switch are all expected to make contributions to the album, and Williams looks set to bring some oddball ideas to the table. “We went in the studio and he [Williams] was like, ‘I’ll just play the buckets’,” she said. “It was like, ‘Boom, ah, buh-doom, ah!’.”

    This doesn’t offer much help on the direction of the album. Perhaps “buckets” is a new genre Santi is working on? She does give some insight by saying that Otis Redding and ’80s rapper Egyptian Lover have been gaining heavy rotation in the Santigold household.