Santigold On Her New LP, Writing Process, A$AP Mob Party And Earl Sweatshirt

    We previously posted pieces of a Pitchfork interview with Santigold in which she talked about her forthcoming (May 1) LP, Master of My Make Believe. Alliteration aside, she described a boat trip and recording session in Jamaica that ultimately broke her writer’s block and has since led to her great single, “Disparate Youth.” Santi has said in multiple interviews that the new record is about control; she made its theme clearer in a recent exchange with Complex.

    …the theme is the title, Master of My Make Believe. So it’s really about just claiming that you’re the ruler of your reality. Preparing to see yourself in a different light, and seeing the world through a different light, like the fucked-up state that the world’s in, and not being like, “Oh well.”

    In the same talk, Santigold explained how her writing process morphed while in Jamaica with Switch, Diplo and John Hill. She wrote the Master track “The Riot’s Gone” beginning at the piano. “I never do that,” she said.

    The Philly native also spoke on being at SXSW and hanging out with A$AP Rocky’s crew for a minute, and revealed that her much talked about collab with Earl Sweatshirt is still only that. [Complex]

    It is [hearsay] at the moment. It was a Twitter conversation that has been insanely written about. But, I mean, it’s true. We did talk about it. And we do want to do it. So hopefully it will happen.