Santigold Mixtape Gets Cease and Desist, Santigold Says it Wasn’t Her

    Yesterday, we brought you the MP3 of the excellent “Unfreakable Girl,” a remix by Terry Urban that mixes Santigold’s “Unstoppable” with verses from Gucci Mane.  Urban actually made an entire mixtape of similar songs, Southerngold, that he was readying to post on the Internet right when he got a cease and desist letter (aka the Grey Album treatment) from Santigold’s label, Downtown. Urban went ahead and posted it, and awaited future movement from Downtown. It seemed like a lawsuit was imminent.


    But then Santigold, who released her own mixtape with Diplo last summer, has announced that she was not behind the cease and desist letter, and that she is going to get to the bottom of it because she supports mixtape culture.


    “Some kid just hit me up about this on MySpace. It was the first I ever heard about it. I’ve never heard anything about this DJ or this remix, and certainly did not send a cease and desist letter. I’m a supporter of mixtape culture and intend to get to the bottom of it.”


    No word on how this will all shake out, but I’m guessing Urban won’t have his pants sued off, and the mixtape will still be on the net. [Pitchfork