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Sandman grossly overestimates his importance in Re-Up Gang, says the group is done

In an interview with HipHopDX, Sandman, he of the non-Clipse half of the Re-Up Gang, revealed that he has left the group to focus on his solo endeavors, and claims The Re-Up Gang record on Koch was a disaster.


"When it comes to my music, dog, this is what I love," said Sandman Tuesday afternoon. "I'm not tryin' to be a god-damned architect or nothin', or else I'd put my time into that. When you have a movement like the Re-Up Gang, something that came out of nowhere that was turned into a cult following, I just don't see how people dropped the ball on the last project. So it didn't make sense for me to stick around if shit ain't in my best interest."


Sandman says he made the Re-Up Gang, and that the group’s latest album didn’t live up to his expectations for what the group should be doing, even going so far as to apologize to fans.


There is no Re-Up Gang. Before they added me, it was The Clipse and Ab Liva. That was it. That's what it's been reduced back to. Naturally, they've got to go around and promote the Re-Up Gang album now, 'cause it's out, and to be honest, I feel like I don't have to do that." "I want to apologize again," he said. "What the fuck would I feel like if after three classic albums, they had that fourth album after the beats I just got [on The Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang]. To me, I just don't think whoever - either Koch [Records] or The Clipse did not believe in this Re-Up movement. Or it didn't mean nothin' to them. What the fuck vision do you have that you'd squander this? 'Cause if that were the case, you should have done this three years ago."


Sandman also said he was told that the Re-Up Gang album would be out on Columbia (like Clipse’s Till the Casket Drops) but then it was quickly shuffled off to Koch. Sandman says beats and verses were adjusted, and it wasn’t the same album. But he isn’t sure who to blame for that.


It seems like all good hip-hop cliques, the Re-Up Gang is starting to see some dissention. But it’s not like Sandman was ever the main attraction. [HipHop DX]

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Re-Up Gang

aww dang, I'm really gonna miss that weird "canooooooooooooooon" thing he does every 5 seconds. I loved the WG4C series, but on Vol. 3 and the Koch release, Sandman and to a lesser extent Liva started to pull the tracks down a level or two. Clipse are probably better off without him, if this is more than just typical rapper smoke.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Pusha_C_Laettner/christian_laettner.jpg Pusha_C_Laettner

I can't wait for Sandman's solo album. It'll probably be as simple and inconsequential as all his raps on the Re-Up gang records.

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Sandman can take that 'anchor' and sink to the depths of the abyss...and take ab-liva too, you won't be missed.

I was so relieved to hear the re-up gang has disbanded.
Since the re-up 'black-card era' started i thought that other two were just dragging malice and pusha down.
I always thought the clipse were doing ab-liva and Sandman a favor by just by letting them share the same beat with them and get some visibility off association.

The We Got It For Cheap series (especially part 2) was incredible, even the album (however rec-cycled it was)was good, but i feel Ab-Liva and Sandman's sub-par verses and annoying adlibs tainted the series as a whole and interupted the otherwise flawless flows and tight chemistry of the clipse.

Now those two are finally gone it feels like the ad breaks from your favorite show have been ti-vo'd into oblivion and you can enjoy it in peace.

Can't wait for till the casket drops- no amatuer night interuptions, just clipse w/ fresh production!


Sandman's good, Re-Up's good, Clipse are the best out today. Foolish move. The album's not as cohesive as the mixtapes but it's a damn good record, he's crazy talking! It's a way to get money off of verses that were free! The album's got bangers on it like "My Life Is The Sh!t"! Whatever.


The Clipse are absolutely amazing, even the


The ReUp Gang album was garbage, and I'm a huge fan. It wasn't as dirty/grimy as the mix tapes, and to be honest I think we were all shocked. The songs that were recycled were changed for the worse.

Sandman and Liva are studs. I have no idea where all the negative reviews of them come from. Sure, Pusha T is the standout, but he's the standout compared to Malice too. Sandman and Liva have more smoking lines in their one-verse-per-song than most solo "rappers" do out on the radio/charts right now.

As for the "cannons!" thing... I personally think it's hot. If nothing else, you KNOW it's him every time. Can't buy that kind of publicity.

Super Paul

Clipse have made or allowed someone to make one bad music decision after another. From the Whamp, Whamp on down. Get new managment Clipse!

Big G-money

Where is Fam-Lay????

Clipse were much better when they jammed with Skateboard, P, Roscoe P, and Famlay.

ab-liva and sandman were always a bit of a novelty. never quite upto scratch.


Come on now. We seriuosly doubting any part of the RE-UP GANG. They did it on all those tracks and all four spit fire. Obvious to anyone that Pusha T stands out from the rest followed by Malice but the RE-UP is the RE-UP for a reason. Else wise we could have called it CLipse doin some other mixtape. Yall need to get it together. As far as the rest DON'T GO THERE. I DON'T CARE IF THEY GAVE TO YOU IN NAVIGATION. DON'T GO THERE.


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