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Samuel Ferguson, Hip-Hop Journo Who Broke the Rick Ross Correctional Officer Story, Murdered in Miami

Samuel Ferguson, president of Miami street magazine Don Diva, was murdered on the Miami turnpike on Aug. 14 when a car full of unknown assailants pulled alongside his car and opened fire. Ferguson's major story in his nine-month tenure at Don Diva was having a hand in breaking the Rick Ross is a former correctional officer story, with an interview titled "Will the Real Rick Ross Please Stand Up." Police have announced they have no suspects, but are looking for a black car.


A lot of sites have already fingered Ross for the shooting, since he had this to say after Ferguson accused him of being a correctional officer:

“Ferguson is a liar, he’s an informant, he’s a rat, he’s a b***h,” Rick Ross said of Ferguson during their feud. “I hope he’s offended; get at me in the streets n***a you know how we play. This s**t about to get Deeper Than Rap."

Given that Ross was officially confirmed as a prison guard shortly after that statement, that was probably just another instance of him bending reality to make himself seem like something he's not. Still, though, doesn't look good for Ross, even if he probably had nothing to do with the shooting and it was probably random. [Daily Swarm]

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Rick Ross

random my ass that doosh Rick Ross, has to make everyone believe he is a gangster which is why the 50 Cents & Rick Ross & camrons need to be stopped that Gangsta crap is dead. And for Rick Ross to make those comments and then this man is tragically killed, nah Rick Ross is a punk or rather a PIG!!!!!!!!

Justin Herschel

Rick Ross is the scum of the earth! We need to send him back to Hati in the mud where he belongs. He has talked about 50cent, Trick and now my boy Sam is dead! I can't wait until he get is medicine! Soon you'll be back at SFRC in Blues instead of a correctional outfit!!


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