Sammy Hagar Hopes Expressing Continued Anger Over Van Halen’s Hall Induction Will Draw Attention to His New Band

    Mission accomplished! Sammy Hagar has succeeded in getting Chickenfoot, his new band’s name, in the press by expressing continued ire over not getting to play with Van Halen at the band’s Hall of Fame induction. Speaking of the way the band handled the issue, Hagar expressed the following feelings:


    I don’t care what anybody says — I’ll dog those guys the rest of my life for not doing that — but for me not to be there, or Mike not to be there, are you kidding? Like I said, it would take a shotgun to keep me from being there. It’s an honor to be brought into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and I’m going to show up if I’m invited, you know?! It’s as simple as that.


    The Mike being referred to is of course original band bassist Michael Anthony, who was replaced at the ceremony by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang. Though Hagar is entitled to his feelings on the matter it would seem that Anthony is really the one with a legitimate gripe. Fans fondly remember the David Lee Roth era, and it’s understandable that the band might want to take the stage in that incarnation, even if the Hagar’s feelings (and to a lesser degree those of Gary Cherone) get hurt. The same can in no way be said for the Wolfgang Van Halen era of the band. That just seems like bad form. [Spinner]