Same Representatives That Voted Against the Flaming Lips Seen Hugging Them a Few Weeks Ago

    Today, Brad Henry, Oklahoma governor, will sign an executive order that names the Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize???” as the state’s official rock song, after the Oklahoma House of Representatives failed to pass the legislation. There was a lot of controversy last week as various members of the House took to the press to talk about why they didn’t vote for the band; namely that Michael Ivins wore a hammer-and-sickle T-shirt and the band swears sometimes. 


    But an added development hit yesterday, as photos of a handful of Republican Representatives (who all voted against “Do You Realize???”) hugging the band and posing for happy photo-ops surfaced. Like the picture of Lee Denney to your left. Oklahoma blog The Lost Ogle broke the story, succinctly positing that either the Representatives are hypocrites or are afraid to break ranks on the voting floor. There’s more pictures of Representative hypocrisy here.


    I think I smell a Daily Show segment (probably not, as long as there are pirates and the economy to satirize). But at any rate, all this blows over today when Henry makes the song official. [Pitchfork]