Sam Raimi Wins ‘Evil Dead’ Trademark Lawsuit

    Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Pictures has won in their lawsuit against an unauthorized sequel to The Evil Dead.

    Independent film studio Award Pictures was in production on Evil Dead 4: Consequences when Raimi filed the lawsuit. The lawsuit went in Raimi’s favor after Award Pictures’ president Glenn MacCrae failed to respond in court. The decision prevents Award Pictures from using Renaissance’s “Evil Dead” trademark for their film or using marketing that might confuse the public into believing the film is an authorized sequel.

    Award Pictures has claimed that Renaissance exhibited a lack of control over their trademark, as the title had been used in 20 other motion pictures. Also, Award believed that Raimi’s claim that he would never do a sequel in the 2000 book The Evil Dead Companion was proof that the trademark was abandoned.

    McCrae has told The Hollywood Reporter that he was unable to pay for a lawyer to respond in court due to Raimi’s interference “destroying” a financing deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment. Legal representatives were demanding “tens of thousands of dollars” to take on the case. However, McCrae has hired a lawyer and “is very definitely contesting Renaissance’s lawsuit.”

    Raimi has just wrapped production on a reboot of The Evil Dead series with director Fede Alvarez.