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Salva, Sepalcure, Starkey Appear On Frite Nite Comp

Attention fans of North America's burgeoning underground electronic scene: You're going to want to follow the upcoming Frite Nite compilation, Surreal Estate, very closely. The 17-track effort, which is due out in October, features a pretty damn killer lineup of some of your favorite artists, from Comma to Salva to Sepalcure to Starkey. The best part? They have all provided exclusive material for the compilation, which has been mixed by renown DJ Ana Sia.


Surreal Estate drops Oct. 4 on Frite Nite. You can view the track listing and watch a video of Salva making a beat on his iPad below.


01 Sepalcure: “Deep City Insects”
02 Comma: “Vacancy”
03 XI: “Whiteout”
04 Kuru & UFO!: “Aoki”
05 DJG: “Rites”
06 Distal: “Mamanimal”
07 Starkey & Epcot: “Surreal Estate”
08 Eprom: “Twerkul8”
09 B. Bravo & Teeko: “Drop It!”
10 Quitter: “Street Codes”
11 NastyNasty: “Suffocating”
12 Cosmic Revenge: “Frostbite”
13 Ghosts on Tape: “Video Void”
14 Salva: “Policy”
15 S0n!ka: “Down Time”
16 Danny Corn: “Curiophilia”
17 Wheez-ie: “As I Watch It Unravel”


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