Sage Francis Apparently Done Touring

    After finishing up an international tour and nearly six months from the release of his latest opus, Li(f)e, Sage Francis took to Facebook to announce he has performed the last show of his touring career. His message to his fans was the following:

    I just finished my very last show of my touring career. No fireworks went off. No confetti dropped from the ceiling. There was no champagne involved. I did push someone with my foot off of the stage. I did grab his crotch and rip a patch of denim off of his jeans. I did tell many jokes and have fun. I did perform songs… that I enjoy. I did do an encore. I did go directly back to my hotel room so I could watch this over & over again. I love beautiful things with style. Here’s to being beautiful & stylish at whatever you do.

    Personally, I’m saddened — and disappointed in myself — as I have never seen the fellow Rhode Island native in concert. Hopefully he will choose to go back on this decision, though I can’t necessarily blame Sage considering how much time he spent on the road over the years.


    He, for whatever reason, posted the following video to go along with his announcement.