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MacWorld's second-best iPod dock

It manages to be kitschy and techie, retro and futuristic all at once. Now, you can get a single-color jukebox with blue LED lighting and it will work with any iPod with a dock connector, delivering eighty watts of music power and including a remote. Screw that though--you want the duo-color, or better yet the tri-color, which uses red, green and blue LED's to give a cycling spectrum of hues. Both multicolor models also come with a CD player and bumps up the speakers to give you one hundred watts.
If it weren't for the price ($649 MacWorld special for the tri-color, $599 for the duo-color and $499 for the pedestrian single color) one of these would be in my living room right now. If you've got the spare change, buy one from Saffire USA and I'll come over to stare, mesmerized, at the LED. For those of us on a budget, the company plans on introduce a Mini JukeBox Station, coming "soon" at an undisclosed price.
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MacWorld 2007
Music Tech

Does it display what song is playing on the jukebox?Looks pretty awesome.

Dave Park

That would be way too practical. I don't believe it has any such display. It does have hard buttons on the front to skip tracks and do all the usual adjustments, and apparently you can run it out to the TV to view photos and videos.

Eric Solomon

How big is that thing?

Chris Sahl

For me, one of the beauties of digital music is that it *doesn't* take up space. If I have a jukebox, I want it to be the real thing.

Brandon Wall

The jukebox is maybe 4-5 feet tall? If you look closely you can see the iPod inside the glass case at the top. Mostly I like the color cycling LED, since I retain my childlike fascination with colored lights.

Eric Solomon

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