Sacha Baron Cohen Is Making A Movie Simply Titled ‘The Lesbian’

    Sacha Baron Cohen was such a nice boy growing up. He was polite, he respected his elders and he did well in school. The adults he knew when he was younger greet all subsequent news about the British comedian with a shake of their head and a sad sense of disapproval. 

    Of course, audiences are usually thrilled when something is announced that has to do with Baron Cohen. Though he isn’t nearly as disruptive and subversive as when he was regularly making fools of ordinary and famous folk alike with his many personas, he still has the ability to shock and disturb. Ali Gi, Borat and Bruno may all be on the shelf (for now), but he’s got plenty of characters he can bust out for traditional films. 

    For instance, Variety is reporting that his latest caper will be called ‘The Lesbian.’ I know what you’re thinking — that sounds pretty tame by Baron Cohen’s standards. However, it’s based on the true story of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao. His difficult daughter was a lesbian and rejected most men, so he offered $65 million to whoever could win her heart. 

    It’s not clear if the actor will play a literal version of the character, though it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to give taking on the role of a Chinese man a try. After all, he’s played a Londoner who thought he was black, a Kazak simpleton, an Austrian fashionista, a French racecar driver and a Middle Eastern dictator.