Track Review: Sa-Ra ft. Talib Kweli – “Feel The Bass”

    Via: Spine
    Kanye West has learned much from Jay-Z in that he is very good at promoting himself. Sure, John Legend and Common get the G.O.O.D. leftovers, but everyone else is lucky to get table scraps from the Louis Vuitton Don. Case in point: Sa-Ra. They’ve been the victim of rule 4080 for the last three years as their much discussed deal with G.O.O.D. Music has produced a grand total of zero albums. Listening to “Feel The Bass,” I dont quite understand why.
    “Feel The Bass” is taken from their “prequel” on Babygrande Records entitled “The Hollywood Recordings.” The beat is reminds me of another of their tracks “Star Warz” except that it sounds like it was remixed by Newcleus. High pitched, spacy keys, multi-part vocal harmonies, and an addictive bass kick set the table for a rejuvenated Talib Kweli to spit that hot fire (no Dylan). Kweli’s effort here is as good as his work on RZA’s “Certified Samurai” or the Liberation EP that he did with Madlib. He sounds focused and displays a lyrical dexterity that brings back memories of his Black Star days. So Kanye, stop admiring yourself in the mirror, take a cue from Babygrande, and put out Sa-Ra’s got damn album already.