RZA’s Animated Prequel To ‘The ‘Man With The Iron Fist’ Now Online

    In collaboration with the producers of ‘Afro-Samurai’, the animated prequel to RZA’s The Man With The Iron Fist is now available to watch online through Machinima’s YouTube channel.

    RZA worked on the short animated film with Eric Calderon, the man behind the Samuel L. Jackson-voiced ‘Afro Samurai.’ Telling the tale of a blacksmith in China that must defend his small village from invaders, the prequel gives a little insight into the character the RZA will be starring as and the surrounding characters. Looking more like the artwork from Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter 4’ series, the prequel will definitely get fans of Kung Fu and Samurai films pumped.

    Starring RZA, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune, Jamie Chung, Cung Le, Dave Bautista, Byron Mann, Daniel Wu and Pam Grier, The Man With The Iron Fist will be theatrically released November 2, 2012.