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RZA Talks Jay-Z And Kanye's 'Watch The Throne'

As we reported last month, RZA is one of the many producers behind Kanye West and Jay-Z's forthcoming joint album, Watch The Throne. His appearance on the two hip-hop heavyweights' record comes after he produced "Dark Fantasy" on Yeezy's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The beat sounded like that good ole gritty Wu-Tang shit, something Ye recognized when asking for a beat for Watch The Throne. According to Rolling Stone, he apparently hit up the RZA last December and told him: "'Send some more of that Wu shit!'" The Wu producer heeded the call and sent over what we'll all hear on the "grimy 'New Day.'"


You can read what else RZA had to tell Rolling Stone here. Watch The Throne drops Aug. 8 digitally.

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y'all aint report that. ya'll just jacked it from 2dopeboyz


You sure about that? I'm not seeing it on their site. I got it from my Twitter feed, but nice try.

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