RZA, Dirty Projectors provide summer mixtapes

    Everyone loves a summer mixtape, and now with sites such as Muxtape emerging it’s become even easier to inflict your musical tastes on others. New York magazine has capitalized on this trend by asking artists such as the RZA, Free Kitten, and Dirty Projectors to provide them with summer mixes.

    Some of the choices are a little predictable, but there are some eyebrow raising moments. Who knew that Free Kitten were fans of Queen and Earth, Wind & Fire? Or that the RZA liked to fire up the barbecue and listen to Elton’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?”

    Dave Longstreth from Dirty Projectors has explained some of his choices here. Dave calls Van Halen “the true boys of summer,” and compares Lucky Dragons to Mozart. He also includes a song from recent collaborator David Byrne and points out a few parallels between Radiohead and John Mayer. The following links will take you to each mix. [Stereogum]


    Dirty Projectors muxtape

    RZA muxtape

    Free Kitten muxtape

    Albert Hammond Jr. muxtape

    The Jealous Girlfriends muxtape

    Pistolera muxtape