RZA enjoys delicious vodka

    If you watch television, chances are you may have cocked your head in surprise (or perhaps blinded yourself in disgust) when a bunch of pale, waify, coked-out LES models appeared on television mid-schmooze with Vincent Gallo.  Belvedere have enlisted "avant-garde" photographer Terry Richardson in a Nicky Digital-esque voyeuristic glam orgy dedicated to hawking you sexy, sexy Vodka. To make matters worse, the forgettable jingle playing in the background was made by none other than the RZA. Nothing says "keeping it real" like a "Last Nights Party" celebration of being rich, bored, and drinking vodka with the Abbot.  The ad cost $20 million dollars, and even has a companion website containing interviews with Terry Richardson and Bobby Digital. While I’m probably not their target market (note the bottle of Crystal Palace in my freezer), I shudder to think how many people might actually be watching RZA on a flash video saying Belvedere isn’t a "mainstream vodka" but an "underground movement".