Ryan Lochte Increases Douchebag Status By Trying To Trademark A Classic Young Jeezy Ad-Lib


    Big news today in the world of post-Olympic atheletes trying to make a buck. Gold medal winning swimmer Ryan Lochte is apparently attempting to trademark one of Young Jeezy’s now classic ad-libs.

    The specific ad-lib is the one Jeezy is most famous for. You know it. It’s the “JEAH!” one that is featured at least a billion times on every single one of his songs. Lotche’s plan is to take the phrase and place it on such items as sunglasses, T-shirts, and other things alongside Lochte’s nickname “Reezy.”(Does anyone actually call him “Reezy” other than Ryan himself?)

    One word to describe this attempt? How about “douchebag?”

    Sorry ladies if you are offended by that comment on Mr. Lochte. Please include other terms that you feel would be appropriate in describing his actions in the comment section below. [Complex]