Ryan Gosling’s Handsome Face Not So Handsome In This Pic From ‘Only God Forgives’

    Ryan Gosling’s face just might be the #1 face in America, for being distinctive, for being good-looking, and for some, being extremely punchable. Yes, America, there are citizens amongst us that want to punch Ryan Gosling in the face.

    Well, today is their day. As Indiewire reports, a new image from Nicolas Winding Refn’s (Drive) upcoming Only God Forgives has surfaced, featuring a disfigured Gosling, looking very much like someone who just got his face punched (many, many times). The film is set in Bangkok and Gosling plays a man seeking vengeance for the murder of his brother. Here’s the full synopsis, courtesy of The Film Stage:

    Julian (Gosling) lives in exile in Bangkok where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family’s drugs smuggling operation. When Julian’s brother Billy is killed their mother, Jenna (Kristen Scott Thomas), arrives in the city. She wants revenge and forces Julian to find the killer. Julian’s contacts in the criminal underworld lead him directly to The Angel of Vengeance, a retired police officer who knows everything and who is both Judge and Punisher. Jenna demands that Julian kill The Angel of Vengeance, an act that will cost him dearly.

    Sounds like a story ripe for punching, yes?

    Earlier this year, The Film Stage posted a series of photos from the film set, but none with Gosling so mangled, which does not bode well for the future of his face. Only God Forgives is tentatively scheduled to wrap-up in December for a 2013 release; however, no official date has been set. Gosling can be seen next in the period crime drama Gangster Squad, which hits theaters Jan. 11.