Ryan Gosling Will No Longer Star In ‘Logan’s Run’ Remake

    Fans of Drive had two upcoming collaborations to look forward to from star Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn, but now that number is down to one. Ryan Gosling will reportedly not star in Refn’s remake of the sci-fi film Logan’s Run.

    Film School Rejects reported the news, which was broken on Twitter by Justin Kroll of Variety. There’s no specific reason yet to explain the change, but Film School Rejects suggests it could be because Gosling is preparing to direct his first film, How to Catch a Monster, and he might not have time to act. Seems like a plausible explanation.

    It looks like a role just opened up for another leading man. In the original 1976 film, Michael York played the lead, Logan 5, in the story of a dystopian society with extreme measures for population control. The film was based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

    Fans don’t have too much to weep over, however. Refn and Gosling have another film, Only God Forgives, coming out soon, and Refn recently said he is interested in bringing Gosling’s Driver character back in another film. That’s a lot of collaborations (or almost-collaborations) in a short time. They’re starting to make Johnny Depp and Tim Burton look like casual acquaintances.