Love wants Gosling to play Cobain in biopic

    Courtney Love has her eyes on actor Ryan Gosling — hands down he holds the title for best performance of a crack-addicted high school teacher ever — to play Kurt Cobain in “Heavier Than Heaven.”  There’s a semi-interesting connection here if Gosling gets the part. Gosling starred in “Murder By Numbers” (not a half-bad movie) with Michael Pitt, who you may recall played the Cobain-like role in Gus Van Sant’s “Last Days” (not so good) back in 2005.

    Love has also asked Scarlett Johanson to portray her, according to the Mirror.

    Nothing’s been set in stone yet. Love has simply said she wants Gosling to play her late husband. However, Love is rumored to have already sent out a contract to Johansson. [NME]