Ryan Gosling Is Not Considered For ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ And Women Worldwide Are Disappointed

    An enormous cry of anguish was heard throughout the world, particularly where young and middle-aged women are concentrated, as it was revealed that Ryan Gosling won’t be starring in the film adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey — at least, not for now. 

    The British author has been relatively coy about who she sees stepping into the role of British businessman Christian Grey, but there was speculation that Gosling was the frontrunner for the part. According to NME, James recently shot down such rumors and refused to comment on who she would like to see in the film’s presumably hot and steamy sex scenes. According to the news source, she responded thusly:

    No, that’s completely misreported. What happened is that his local paper…reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey. Underneath it they put a picture of Ryan Gosling, as well. So, that’s how that came about. 

    No matter who the filmmakers eventually select for the role, Fifty Shades of Grey is sure to be a hit. After all — it’s the best-selling book in UK history, so it has a ready-made audience of women looking for some sensual scense featuring their favorite hunky celebrity.