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Ryan Adams playing Stonehenge

In support of his forthcoming album, Easy Tiger, Ryan Adams will be playing Stonehenge. Yes, that Stonehenge. The performance is part of the Salisbury International Art Festival and will take place June 5. Yes, we think this is a little crazy too. Anyone who can make sense of this is invited to leave some comments below.
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Ryan Adams

Dude BETTER cover the Spinal Tap song.

John Zeiss

what's so crazy about it?

Bobby D.

Well, Adams is hardly the first artist to perform there, but I still find the idea a little strange don't you? I mean, you don't see many concerts at the wailing wall or anything do you?

Justin Sheppard

Thanks to Spinal Tap I can only picture ridiculous schlock-rock bands playing at Stonehenge. Maybe Iron Maiden? It does seem odd.


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