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Ryan Adams Releasing Archival Albums, Including New Cardinals Set

Ryan Adams has never been the type of artist to take a lot of time between albums, sometimes hitting stores on a seemingly monthly schedule. Apparently, though, his discography is not limited to his released material. While most artists have a few extra songs lying around, Adams has whole albums of material, including a double album with his former back-up band the Cardinals and Blackhole, which Adams characterizes as "basically Love Is Hell Part Three." There are no specifics as to street dates or formats for the albums, but the releases could be similar to that of ORION, Adam's heavy metal concept album, which was distributed exclusively on vinyl through his PAX.AM label. [Pitchfork]

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Ryan Adams

I wonder if he'll finally put out that Destroyer record he made with David Rawling and Gillian Welch. Seems like that would sound awfully good on vinyl.

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Yeah, Ryan's vault of unreleased material trumps the officially released stuff. I hope he opens the flood gates.

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