Ryan Adams’ New Songs Inspired By Ronnie James Dio

    Remember how Ryan Adams released an album of heavy metal songs and it managed to sell out in a day? Well, it appears the singer has been affected by that success and the recent sad passing of metal titan Ronnie James Dio, and has penned a set of songs inspired by the late metal star.


    Adams claims on Facebook that “11 new solo tunes came out of nowhere” following the memorial service for Dio. “Day after Dio’s funeral [the songs] just fell out,” he wrote. “Soft mellow acoustic jams — lots of New Orleans scenery and vibe from the trip… I am official[ly] very excited again.”


    So it doesn’t look like the actual music will follow in the success of Adams’ metal album, Orion, although he’s clearly still wrapped up in the genre. It’s too bad the singer didn’t think of doing an album of Dio covers, because hearing Adams grappling with tracks like “Rainbow in the Dark” (see below) or Black Sabbath’s “Heaven and Hell” would be quite something.



    [via Spin]